Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thoughts About Nana

I am overwhelmed with the generosity of love that has been sent my way over the last few days. I've received emails from family, friends, and even complete strangers sharing their memories of Nana. Your words and memories have touched my heart, made me smile, and sometimes even brought me a laugh and I wanted to share them. Here are just a few . . .
"I knew Frances fairly well, most from walking past her home in Crystal Beach on the way back from school each day. She would come out of the garden (usually startling me, until I came to expect it) and say a very warm "Hello" and ask how I was. She really wanted to know, too. If I didn't tell her something more substantial than "hi, I'm good," she was sincerely disappointed. She is the kind of woman who adds a lot of the feeling of community, of closeness, that there is something binding all of us together. It is a pleasure to have known her."

"Christmas of 1963, thanks to Frances and Virginia, my mother had her favorite tree -- blue lights, blue ornaments . . . . Frances will be more than fondly remembered by my family."

"I just learned of [Frances'] death. You know that we loved and appreciated her. It was good to see her again on my last visit. Your family will be in my prayers this week."

"I know that it is hard to lose someone you love. She had such a great life and has not had a true life for many years now. We all know that she is in such a better place with many family members and friends. I have enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures of memories."

"I so remember Aunt Frances and interacting with her on numerous occasions. She was such a lady and one who always seemed to have a twinkle in her eyes. Being solicitous of others really stood out to me among her attributes. And who could not be impressed with the fact of her taking piano lessons later in her life and enjoying it so much! We talked of the piano then each time we saw one another as she knew I'd "sort of" played for much of my life. She was deeply committed to her family, and I recall vividly her speaking of you, Jessica, quite often. She loved all of you dearly."
Please feel free to continue to email me your thoughts and your memories. I've saved each one of them and shared them with my family. But you can also feel free to share your experiences with Nana here on the blog through the comments section after each post. I personally approve all comments.

Thank you for the love you have for my family and me.

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Skip Malowski said...

Although I did not know your Grandmother, she sounds like a very caring soul who will be missed dearly. My condolences and I wish you the best.