Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to Remembering Frances!

Thank you for visiting Remembering Frances, the blog I set up to honor the memory of my Nana, Frances Scruggs Paulk Bredemeier. My family and I appreciate that you were here.

Nana went home to be with God on Sunday, July 12th. We will forever miss her, but will be comforted by the wonderful memories we have of her sweet Southern drawl, her laughter, her sage words, weekly letters, and those sparkling blue eyes she had until her last breath. As you may know, as a result of Macular Degeneration, Nana became blind in 2002. In speaking with a dear friend last night, I shared that for the first time in 7 years, Nana's sparkling blue eyes can see clearly and I know she is looking down at me and my family and smiling.

I hope these stories and memories bring a smile to your face and give you a sense of the woman my Nana was. Her story is a remarkable one. She was a pioneer in so many ways and my personal hero. She has left a legacy to be proud of and that will ensure her spirit will never leave.

I will be continuing to update this blog over the next few days as more details regarding services emerge. I will also be adding some home movies from the 1950s and other pieces I've written about Nana.

Please let us know you were here and share your memories of Frances by posting a comment at the bottom of any post. You may do that by clicking "Comments" at the bottom of each post.

Please note that when you leave your comments, they will be visible by all who visit the blog. If, however, you wish to leave anything privately for my family (e.g., your address or phone number), please email me privately at happygirl616[at]wowway[dot]com.

Thank you.

Jessica Lynn Gardner

Granddaughter of Frances Scruggs Paulk Bredemeier & Daughter of Virginia Paulk Gardner

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KlambityJane said...

In October of 2003 several of us "kids" who went to Crystal Beach Community Church for Youth Group met on a Sunday morning as a reunion. We all entered the church together just as the service was starting.
Frances watched us walk into the sanctuary, (remember, we were almost all in our mid to late 50's at that time) and said: "Here come the children!"
It was so sweet and I have never forgotten being one of the "children" again.

Jane Kelly, Centennial, Colorado